So alright here is what I will/should be covering around here on a fairly regular basis.  I liked this idea that I saw on someone else’s blog and thought it might be good for readers and for myself to stay organized.

Mondays – I will try on Mondays to give a wrap up of league play from the weekend. This could be MLS, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, or Bundesliga.  No worries though as it will most likely be whatever league I have been focused on the prior week.

Tuesdays – On Tuesdays I will not have anything regular, unless it is spill over from the weekend or I have decided to cover another leagues matches from the weekend.

Wednesday and Thursday – On these days there could be unrelated stories or talk of the upcoming week, depending on the action that is coming up at the weekend.

Fridays – No matter what by Friday I will have some predictions posted. I will probably do these for the MLS and EPL as they are the main league I follow, although I am always branching out.

Other Matches and News – As you may or may not know, Champions League games are during the week and will be covered at that time maybe moving something else around.  MLS matches and some other matches also take place during the week.  If I have watched the matches I will most likely have something to say, and if not then I might just keep silent.

I will try to have something up once a week or so on a player I am enjoying watching at the time from just about anywhere in the world.  Kind of my player of the week like section, might not always be long but just someone for people to look out for.

Last thing, any International matches (especially those of the USMNT) will be talked about as I am a huge supporter of our national side.  Almost a little biased at times, but I do see the places we could use improvement and will admit to them being flaws in our side.


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