My Clubs

I saw something similar to this and thought it might be a good idea.  Everyone always asks you anyways, so this just makes it easier to answer.  This will not happen all at once, but I will do a post about each team I support giving the reasons why I found that team and what I like about them.  I am an American sports fan and grew up with allegiances to multiple teams so I have stuck to that as I have supported football clubs around the globe.  Anyways, I will try and put them in some sort of rank order so that you know if the team above is playing the team below then obviously I am pulling for the team above.  I will separate it out by country and or league to better let you know who I support.


  • FC Dallas
  • Houston Dynamo
  • Seattle Sounders
  • Chivas USA

**I know all my teams are in the Western Conference, but they are the sides I like to watch.


  • Manchester United
  • Everton

There are others that will be added over time, but this is the top of the list worldwide so I thought it best to start somewhere to give people some answers when they want to know who I follow.


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