About Me


So this is where I tell you a bit about myself, but first I will tell you why I am even bothering with this blog.  Thing is, there are tons of blogs and news sources out there that cover soccer in many different ways.  I have thoughts on the sport too and provide them all around the net in different areas such as chat, blogs, forums, and facebook occassionally.  So I was thinking, I know horrible thing to do, that I would start a separate blog from the family one I have and dedicate it to the game that makes my wife crazy.  I looked around the web at things and tried to put something together that resembled a soccer blog to start with, and I will most likely be adding to this and changing things as time goes on, but here is where we start.

So a bit about myself and one last tidbit on why I started this blog.  I just wrote a blog post on a community site I frequent the other day complaining about the lack of coverage of soccer in the US and how we as fans will have to be the ones to fix that since the media is taking its own precious time giving us what we want and helping build the sport in the US.  So, I am doing my part, or what can be called an attempt anyways. Hopefully one soul somewhere will see this blog and say, “Hey that sounds interesting I think I will watch or maybe attend a match.”  That would make my day although I would most likely never know about it so I will just have to hope.

Back to me. I am from Texas and support what has to be one of the worst excuses for a team in MLS at the moment in FC Dallas. I watch soccer or football from around the world, but I have a spot for MLS since I would like to see the sport thrive here in the states. I am a married man, father of a 3 year old, and college student.  My wife hates the amount of time I spend with soccer so I try to appease her now and then by just Tivoing a match, but hey it still doesn’t help when I turn it on later anyways.  She loves me though and lets me get by with my addiction to the sport so I thank her for that, constantly. I am finishing up school in my last year to become a secondary level history teacher and most likely a coach since it seems one job comes with the other.

I will be covering lots of different areas of the game on the site and trying to keep it updated with my thoughts, views, and predictions.  So, keep a lookout and checkout the contents page where I will explain the things I will write about and give you an estimate of when.

Hope you enjoy and keep coming back for more.


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