Weekend Prediction Round Up – My predictions under review

So to make this a bit easier and limit the number of posts I need to make per week, I have decided to one big weekly prediction roundup post.  This post could change format some in the future but for now we can consider it a work in progress.

Overall Record:  14 – 24

Last Weekend(Combined Results):  6 – 10

MLS:  1 – 5

EPL:  5 – 5

So it was a rough MLS weekend, and because of this fact I will be changing up how I pick for the MLS in the future.  A new format will be unveiled for the MLS with this week’s pick, to follow soon.  The EPL on the other hand only held a few shockers that tripped me up on the weekend.  EPL fixtures will be up very soon as the week kicks off tomorrow, but I am feeling hopeful that this week will see me break even in the EPL and advance with a winning record.

All in all, I neglected the MLS this weekend to watch all but 2 EPL matches and therefore missed some great action I am sure.  I am working on seeing what all happened, but with all the upcoming action this week, I am not sure when I will have the time.

For now this little blurb will be where I put the weekend prediction results, the only change coming when I add in the Champions League after the groups are decided.  The EPL season is looking a lot more promising than the MLS at the moment, but I am sure my readers, as well as myself will enjoy the new format come this weekend.


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