Cooper Escapes – Kenny Cooper is on his way to Germany

CONCACAF Cup - Semifinals, Hondurus v USA

Kenny Cooper has been sold to 2. Bundesliga side 1860 Munich, this is what I woke up to this morning.  As a supporter of FC Dallas I am both saddened and happy at the same time.  I am sad because it does not look as if we are going to finish the season now with any kind of push, but whether Cooper stayed or not, I do not think we would have made a push.  I am also happy for Cooper, he wanted back to Europe and now he is getting his wish.  1860 Munich was probably not on the top of his list, as he was offered Rosenborg last season and a chance for the Champions League, but this is a starting point that has landed him back in Europe.

Honestly I am happy to see him go.  Schellas Hyndman was ruining him here in Dallas with coaching that has seen nothing but disaster come for the Dallas club.  Cooper has wanted to return to Europe for well over a year now and it is good to see him granted his wish here.  Sure, after announcing just yesterday that they would be keeping Cooper until his contract ended in January, I was not surprised to hear word of his sale come in this morning.  Why let one of the top players in your league leave on a free?  It makes no sense at all for any of the parties involved.

So what does Munich get with Cooper?  They receive a large front man who likes to be on the ball.  He still needs work on heading balls that come off of crosses and taking long balls down instead of asking for them at his feet.  He likes to run and is not afraid to shoot on goal; he currently leads MLS in that category.  He is not overly fast, but for a man over 6 feet tall and around 200 lbs. he can move.  Some critics say he needs to spend less time on the ball, and while I agree, playing at Dallas made him have to play on the ball in order to wait on reinforcements who were ever trailing.  So Munich will be receiving a good player that I am sad to see leave, he will be missed in Dallas, but he is a good player and one 1860 Munich should be happy to see walk through their doors.

As for the rest of FC Dallas, the road is long and the journey there has just become longer.  I wonder what the new faces and old at Dallas think about this move.  I am sure they are happy for Kenny, but this just makes a dismal season worse as their top goal scorer has now been sold.  Time to rebuild it looks like for Dallas, but for that to happen we need a new coach, and as sad is it is to say he could lose the rest of the matches this season and would probably still have a job.  Good luck on your journey Kenny, and good luck to what remains at FC Dallas.


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