Beckham – Back and Injured? Never


Will the newest installment of Beckham news keep him out of this weekend’s friendly with the visiting FC Barcelona?  Who knows, but it would not surprise me to see this niggling back injury keep Beckham out of the side for a bit.  Why else would Beckham want to miss matches?  Could it be that the mediocre performance his side produced against Kansas City last week has reminded him where he is playing?  Only time will tell, as the Galaxy continue on their way this weekend against the European Champions, and Beckham has found another way to keep his name in the media.

Hopefully for Galaxy fans Beckham stays fit for the remainder of the season, as an injury no matter how minimal could keep Galaxy fans enraged over the long term loan he pushed for in Milan.  While I am sure the injury is real, why come out with it only days away from a big friendly, one that has sold out the Rose Bowl Stadium.  Beckham’s fan issues since returning to the Galaxy seemed to finally be simmering down in the media, and now after waiting days to do so, he shows up in the training room with a back injury.  Could the extended play over the last year be taking its toll on his aging body?  I hope this is the case, as Galaxy fans do not need more fuel for the fire going into this weekend’s match.

Beckham since returning has said that he is happy to be back with the Galaxy and MLS, but the whole time he has made it clear that his intentions are to return to Milan at the close of the MLS season.  At seasons end this will mark the 3 year mark of Beckham’s five year contract with the MLS, and after 3 years he is able to forego his final 2 years of said contract.  Will this turn into a media circus over who wants Beckham?  You know it will, as there is no bad advertising and MLS will be looking for more free press.  But will Beckham forego these two years or just go out on loan again?  I cannot see him leaving the paycheck he gets from the MLS plus endorsements to sign full time in a European league.  He does not have the talent on the field that he once did, and he is starting to get up in years while most sides around Europe are trying to get younger.  He may find himself a loan spot in Europe after the MLS season to secure his World Cup spot, but I do not foresee any sides taking him on full time for the money MLS currently pays him.  He is Brand Beckham, but while the brand still sells, the man is lacking in the bang for your buck category these days.

So while this back injury could spell out another poor year for Beckham in MLS should it linger on, he will keep selling the brand to the American people to line his pockets.  Where all of this love suddenly came from for MLS again is beyond me.  He obviously knows the fans are furious with him and nothing will gain their respect back better than quality performances on the pitch, and wins.  This could be the first season since Beckham arrived that sees the Galaxy make the post season, will it be despite him though or with him on the pitch?  I am sure we will find out this weekend though, should he play he will have gone a long ways towards earning the respect of Galaxy fans and MLS fans alike back.  And should he not play?  Well lets just say that it could be a long season for Mr. Beckham should he fail to perform regularly for the Galaxy.


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