The EPL Season is Upon Us – Get Your Predictions in Now

SOCCER: MAY 17 Barclays Premier League - Chelsea v Blackburn Rovers

So in covering the EPL this season, I thought it only necessary to do a preseason prediction on the outcome of the upcoming season.  This is a rough estimation, but one I have spent some time with the past few weeks and see as the possible outcome.  Not knowing the new teams of Burnley and Wolves as well as the others I had to do a bit of research to come to my conclusions, but this is what I foresee happening in the upcoming EPL season.

After a summer filled with rumors and blockbuster deals, the season is upon us again.  Manchester City has stocked up and seems to have the most new, albeit well known faces going into the new season.  Other sides have improved through summer moves and now it is time to see how they pan out.  Nothing was bigger than Manchester United’s sale of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo to Spanish giants Real Madrid.  Will this hurt the Red Devils going into the new season?  Keep reading to find out, but I think not as Coach Alex Ferguson has sold his superstars before and never seem to have trouble bringing up another, but then again this could be the end of an era as other sides have stocked up as well.

  1. Manchester United
  2. Chelsea
  3. Liverpool
  4. Arsenal
  5. Everton
  6. Manchester City
  7. Aston Villa
  8. Fulham
  9. Tottenham
  10. West Ham United
  11. Sunderland
  12. Stoke City
  13. Birmingham City
  14. Bolton
  15. Wolves
  16. Blackburn
  17. Portsmouth
  18. Wigan
  19. Hull
  20. Burnley

Now this is my preseason predictions, and one that I hope upon reevaluation at mid-season will hold up.  My plan going into the new season is to get multiple sets of articles together with information on the teams for the upcoming EPL season, outlining moves made over the summer and why I think they will finish where I have put them.  This is something new for me and I hope it gives me a new insight into the teams I may not follow as often as others, while informing readers about the teams as well and what we can expect from them.

The season is upon us, and as teams finish up summer transfer moves and preseason play we all clamber for the action of the upcoming season.  So stay tuned for more, as I am looking forward to the season and hope you all are as well.


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One response to “The EPL Season is Upon Us – Get Your Predictions in Now

  1. I’m doing mine as a part of a special “4 Part Series” on my blog. However very quickly….

    1. Man U
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Arsenal
    5. Man City
    7. Everton
    8. Spurs
    9. West Ham
    10. Sunderland
    11. Stoke
    12. Fulham (and I’m a Fulham supporter)
    13.Birmingham City
    15. Blackburn
    16. Wigan
    17. Hull
    18.Bolton (I pick Bolton to go down every season)
    19. Burnley
    20. Portsmouth

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